Virtual Events


Curious about dark matter? Meet scientists, and send them your questions live on 31 October. They will guide you through their experiments, which are scrutinizing the tiny building blocks of matter and our universe, in their quest to find and understand the mysterious dark matter.

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More live events may occur. Please check this webpage regularly for updates.

12pm JST (3am UTC), in Japanese

Live from BELLE-II experiment in Tsukuba, Japan

Organized by KEK laboratory.


1pm CET (12pm UTC), in English
Live from AMS Control Room at CERN
Discover the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a particle physics detector that looks for dark matter, antimatter and missing matter from a module on the International Space Station.
Organized by CERN


3pm CET (2 pm UTC), in French

Live from Modane Underground Laboratory in France.

Discover EDELWEISS experiment.

Organised by CNRS.


3pm GMT/UTC, in English

Live from Boulby Underground Laboratory in the UK.

Discover DRIFT and BUGS experiments.

Organized by STFC.


9am PT (4pm UTC), in English

Live from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US.

Discover new “light” (low-mass) dark matter experiments, and hear about progress on the LUX-ZEPLIN project.

Organized by LBNL


6pm CET (5pm UTC), in Italian

Live from Festival Della Scienza in Genoa, Italy.

Discover DarkSide, Xenon and Padme experiments.

Organized by INFN.


11 am PT (6pm UTC), in English

Live from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in the US.

Discover LSST, Xenon and LUX experiments.

Organized by SLAC.


3pm CDT (8pm UTC), in English

Live from Fermilab in the US

Discover SuperCDMS, LZ, DAMIC, ADMX, SENSEI experiments.

Organized by Fermilab.