Dark Day at King’s College London

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Dark Day at King’s College London

by King's College London
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Dark Day at King’s College London
Oct. 31 (Thur.), 16:30-20:00, Anatomy Lecture Theatre, King’s College London, UK

The shadow is rising…, on October 31…, the pain in the faces of people in London and the rest of the UK is unmistakeable… the overwhelming amount of dark material saturating the entire city… and the universe…

But don’t worry, this is how the universe has looked for at least the last million years. “Dark Matter” is the most mysterious and elusive matter in the universe. It makes up 80% of all of the matter in the universe, yet it doesn’t reflect or emit any light, meaning it is totally invisible. However, scientists have an overwhelming amount of evidence for the existence of dark matter. What is it? Where is it? Do we have any hope of catching it? Tonight 3 scientists from King’s College London will introduce the science of Dark Matter.

Also, yes it’s Halloween! A prize for the best costume.

– Schedule –

6:30-6:55: Prof. Malcolm Fairbairn : “Introduction to Dark Matter” (25′)

7:00-7:25: Dr. Helvi Witek : “Dark Matter and Black Holes” (25′)

7:25-7:35: Winner of the costume competition announcement

7:35-8:00: Dr. Teppei Katori : “Dark Matter Hunters” (25′)

If you have any questions, please ask to: teppei.katori@kcl.ac.uk. Follow us on Twitter:@EPPKCL, @KCL_Physics

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2019-10-31 @ 06:30 PM to
2019-09-23 @ 08:00 PM

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